Dori is No Game

Everyone looks at me in awe every time I tell them about my first 240sx. I remember taking off from a meet on a dark clear night with a couple of friends. As I came up on a small turn I remember getting launched up and catching air for a good three seconds before the nose of my car made contact with the steep cliff. The loud crunching of metal, glass, and dirt became louder and faster as the car flipped over and over. After the fourth flip, I just hoped it would all stop. I put my hands against the headlining and felt it moving its way closer down to my head. Suddenly, all the noise fell silent. My friend and I climbed up the side of the mountain and walked down the road for about a half a mile before we were picked up by a few guys from the meet. The car was completely demolished, but I walked away from the accident with only one scratch on my wrist and whiplash; while my friend suffered more severe lacerations to his face and arms.

A few days later a CHP officer contacted me saying that my car was found three hundred eighty feet from the road and twenty feet from a fifty foot drop. As I think about that night, I think of how I could have prevented it from the beginning. Aside from the obvious fact that my skills of driving were far from fit for the canyons I also had poor front tire tread and bad lighting. So, the one lesson I took away from this whole incident next to my life is a fear of recklessness.

I have a totally different view of driving fast with slow skills.