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Dorispot.com was an idea conceived about a year ago when we began to notice the rise in the recognition of the driving style of the drift. For years shops have been bringing in the Japanese magazines that showcase these rear wheel drive machines. The Scene is begining to turn away from the focus of the car, and starting to take notice of the driver, and driving ablilty.

The idea was simple. Create a place where drifters, grip and touge drivers could meet and discuss driving technique and ask tech questions. There is no doubt in our minds that drag style driving will meet its match in the coming year. The mountain touge style will take over.

This site is for drivers. We try to keep the featured cars to only driving enthusiasts. So if a car is not all "show" or doesnt even look good. Thats only because the person that owns it is a driver.

-The Dori Spot Staff

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